How Retro Text Adventure Games Built

The main component that stands apart with text adventure games is that they will frequently don’t have any graphics. The game world includes many locations where are described using words, although a few text adventure games displays images of the area combined with description. Playing the game involves typing instructions to inform the game what to do. For example typing “go north” to move to some greater or “get lamp” to obtain a lamp should there be one in the current location.

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The product in the adventure game is always to solve searching. This can be to slay a dragon, save a princess, recover a product, or solve a mysterious. The game functions because the eyes, ears and touch – describing what’s visible within your current location along with any objects you’ll be able to get. When you traverse the game world you’ll find various puzzles that needs to be solved prior to deciding to proceed, along with any dangers to conquer.

Here’s one particular text adventure game for doing things.

You are inside a forest. A extended winding road leads to north of manchester plus a small cottage stands south. For the east, inside the distance, can be a large cave.

There is a lamp here.

Is there a problem to accomplish?

>get lamp

You will find the lamp.

>light lamp

There is no oil inside the lamp.

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And that means you know you are inside a forest to go to a road, a cottage plus a cave. You might visit one of the described areas by typing something such as “n”, “north” or “go north”. There’s furthermore a lamp as of this location you could get but when you want to light it you will need to locate some oil. This is often a puzzle you need to solve since you’ll need the lamp to go in the cave, otherwise it’ll be more dark and uneven to find out.

Now let us observe text adventure games built.


Like books, text adventure games usually start with only one idea. Create a village where folks are dying must be wicked witch has convey a curse inside it. The locations within your game world would consist mainly of villages, castles, forests and caves. Now let’s condition that the pursuit is always to attain the witch’s castle and kill her and so the curse will probably be lifted. Her castle might be one further destination hanging out. Possibly the cursed village may be your beginning location. Now you can make a list in the locations hanging out which might include something such as: village1, village2, river, lake, cave1, cave2, clearing, mountain1, mountain2, village tavern, forest and so on.

In case your location covers a larger area or possibly is really a structure you can spilt it into sub-locations for instance east of forest, west of forest, front of cave, middle of cave, back of cave, tavern kitchen, tavern bar etc… It’s also wise to ensure a place is at sight prior to deciding to take it up within your location description. For example you can’t start to see the tavern kitchen unless of course obviously one enters the tavern first. Obviously this really is apparent but you can make such mistakes.