Things To Do In New Orleans

Easily one of the most legendary and unique cities in the US, New Orleans has been a staple for travelers and their RV rentals for many years. Offering an eclectic mix of party hearty attractions, great food and entertainment, unbelievable culture and history, and a certain edgy vibe that you just can’t find anywhere else, New Orleans has much to offer even though it may be a mid size city in terms of size. There is just so much to do hear that you may have trouble getting it all in. So take note of these top things to do should you make the right choice and schedule in a long stop in the NO.

Check Out The Cemeteries

New Orleans cemeteries feature unique above ground burials, making them much different from any other cemetery you may have seen across the US. These mossy sites are full of old above ground graves with amazing stonework and architecture. You can easily spend an entire afternoon wandering through these sites. There are many walking tours available in the more famous sites, so by all means schedule a tour. Or you can head out on your own. Either way you will no doubt love these unique graveyards unlike any other.

The French Quarter

Surely you know about Bourbon Street already with its famous drinking culture, and a walk on Bourbon is something you won’t soon forget. There’s a lot more going on in The Quarter as well, including multiple galleries, a wide array of restaurants, dozens of street performers, and lots of old neighborhoods and houses that will implant themselves on your memory. This mixture of elegance and partying is a combination you don’t often find, so make sure to venture into the Quarter on your journey. You won’t regret it.

Get Out Into The Swamps

The very first landscape you will come across when you drive out of New Orleans is the swampy surrounding territory known as bayou country. It is highly recommended that you take your time and truly get to appreciate this original and fascinating territory. A great way to do this is to take a guided swamp tour. With one of these tours you will get to see the eerie beauty of the southern swamps, including lush canopies and other worldly scenery that you won’t soon forget. You will see a large range of wildlife from colorful bird species to the area’s most famous residents, the alligators. This is one of the most legendary areas of America for a reason, so you should definitely get to know this territory while you have the chance. RV rentals travelers have long cherished these swamplands, and you can join them on your trip.

Make sure to stop off along the roadway at one of the many seafood eateries that exist in this region. Here you will be able to chow down on crawfish, catfish, and experience the po’boy sandwich which many claim to be a way of life more than just a food.

Perpetual Mardi-Gras

Even if you aren’t in town for Mardi-Gras itself, you can experience it year round with places such as Mardi-Gras World which is a working studio where they create and store the floats. You can visit this studio and walk around and check out all the floats and their construction. There are also a number of museums that are dedicated to Mardi-Gras history, including the Mardi-gras Museum and the Hosue of Dance & Feathers. So don’t worry if you aren’t in town for the festival. You can still experience it year round.

The Garden District

This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country, and you would be wise to check it out. This lush district is full of stately manors that will take your breath away with their old world charm and lovely gardens  that give the area its name. you can take one of the many tours on offer in the neighborhood, or simply take a drive or a walk through the wondrous streets and marvel at the gorgeousness of the houses and the neighborhood in general. You won’t want to miss this one so make sure to schedule in a visit when you’re in town.

New Orleans has been a magnet for RV rentals travelers for many decades due to its inviting party scene, its wide array of culture and activities, and the unique atmosphere that you just won’t find anywhere else in the nation or world. It is highly recommended that you try to fit in as much time as possible for your stay here since it will take time to get it all in. Don’t be fooled by its small size. This town is absolutely packed with amazing sights and activities. You won’t be bored for a single second in New Orleans.