Trusting your Gold Dealer

Enough has been said about the virtues of investing in gold. So, what happens when you need to sell this gold you’ve invested in? You find a good gold dealer like Melbourne Bullion Company. With so many gold dealers in Melbourne and in the rest of Australia why should you trust them with your gold?

#1. They have dealer credentials

Melbourne Bullion Company has a great reputation. You can trust a company that has been in existence for a number of years, a company that has solid roots in the community in which it operates and is known for offering fair value. Find a company that is certified accredited and endorsed by local business organisations and reviewed by consumer protection agencies. A company that inspires trust within the industry it operates in is worth your business.

#2. They pride themselves in the quality of bullion they deal in

There are many fakes out there. Anyone who deals in precious metals needs to be able to identify fake gold. They should offer assaying service to verify the authenticity of the bullion that passes through their business. They should be clued up on the designs and various security features that are used by various producers in the world..

#3. They have a good history

When searching for a gold dealer, their past performance and history is a great indicator of what you can expect. You should some homework on the gold dealer you plan on using. Again, consumer agencies ate a good way to determine a dealer’s history and reputation. Find out where the dealer is physically located and how long they have been in business.

#4. They don’t promise rock bottom prices for the fold they sell or higher prices for the gold they buy¬†

There are thousands of gold dealers who promise incredible prices. It is always good to shop around for the best price, this way you know what the industry rate would be. A lot of unscrupulous dealers lure people into terrible deals by promising them more money for the gold they sell. Be weary of the bait-and-switch technique. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

#5. Has multiple clear channels for communication

Communication is key for businesses that what to foster relationships based on trust. The best gold buyers have open communication channels for quick answers you may have as a customer. You should be able to discuss prices, talk more about what you are looking for and basically engage in conversation regarding buying or selling gold. If a gold dealer or buyer is unwilling to engage in meaningful conversation or is not eager to address any concerns you may have then they are not worth your business. Melbourne Bullion Company can be contacted via phone and email. They also have social media contacts that allow them to interact with potential customers more easily.